Philosophy Forum 16/11/2017 -Timothy Morton: Hyperobjects

Dear All

this week the forum will continue last week’s discussion on hyperobjects by reading the next two sections of Morton’s book. These are entitled ‘Temporal Undulation’ and ‘Phasing’ and are found between pages 49-69.

The meeting is in the usual UL102 at 14:15-15:45 and the reading is available here.

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Philosophy Forum 9/11/2017-Timothy Morton: Hyperobjects

Dear All

following last week’s re-examination of object-oriented-ontology (OOO as it likes to be known) via Morton, the forum will now try to look a little deeper at his notion of a ‘hyperobject’.

To this end I propose we read part of his handily titled book on exactly this topic (Hyperobjects, philosophy and ecology after the end of the world). I propose we try to read the first two actual sections of the book as opposed to the introduction (which could be optional reading). These are entitled ‘Viscosity’ and ‘Nonlocality’ and run from pages 29-49.

The meeting will be in the usual UL102 14:15-15:45 and the reading is available here:  ‘Hyperobjects