Philosophy Forum 11/07/2019: Roadside Picnic (Strugatsky Brothers)

Dear All

this week we will have another loose discussion on the novel ‘Roadside Picnic’. For extra thought here is a link to a set of short essays/articles on the book.

The meeting will be in UL102 14:15-15:45

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Outlook (Charlie Johns’ New Book)

Dear All

just to let you know that our own Charlie Johns has just released his latest fiction work which is entitled outlook.

Details below




Outlook: Synopsis

Benjamin Flew is dead – a suicide. And Sam Wood wants to understand.Two years ago, Sam (and seven others) received an enigmatic “goodbye world” email from Flew, one of Sam’s former guitar students. Sam does not know any of the others who received the email, but his curiosity about the circumstances regarding Flew’s death reachesa boiling point. After lying to his girlfriend and abandoning his studies, Sam embarks on a road trip – a quest for discovery – accompanied only by his laptop, his phone, and an esoteric collection of classical C.D.s. Outlook, the fifth book from the “pen” of Charlie Johns, follows Sam on his journey as he engages with Benjamin’s old colleagues – and runs face-first into a startling revelation.