Schinkel update

Dear All

just to let you know there is a slightly amended version of the Schinkel document available here.




Philosophy Forum 21/09/2017: Spar and Line

Dear All

before you all ask, no this isn’t an invite for substance abuse at the convenience store opposite the university library. It is in fact an invitation to spend next week’s philosophy forum time exploring the exhibition (Spar and Line) of our very own Geoff Matthews.

The idea is that forum members could meet at the Sam Scorer Gallery at the usual time of 14:15. We can then peruse and discuss the work. If time/circumstance permit we could possibly stop for a drink (though this part is in no way necessary). I don’t think giving an specific end time makes as much sense as usual and though there is no reading, some of the recent Malikean and Laruellean artistic speculations could feed into discussion about the work.

Sam Scorer gallery website is here.

Link to a short Malik piece here (if anyone would like to read it).

Non-standard aesthetics piece here (“).

hope to see you there