Land contra Badiou

Dear all

please note this is not next week’s reading but rather my gathering opinion on these two pieces.

The first of which is this by Badiou which concerns the Paris attacks and the second is this response to it by Nick Land.

In truth I’m more interested in what people make of Nick’s commentary than the original Badiou piece but anything anyone has to say is welcome.

Forum post tomorrow.





Philosophy Forum/School of Media Event: Hyperstition (Film)


Dear All

On 09/11/2016  15:00 the forum and the school of media will be showing Christopher Roth’s (in collaboration with Armen Avanessian) theory film ‘Hyperstition’.

Hyperstition, you may recall is a Landian term for fictional entities that end up exerting ‘actual’ forces (though there is a little more to it). The film has the following blurb:

HYPERSTITION: A film on time and narrative. Of thoughts and images. On plants and the outside. Abduction and Recursion. Yoctoseconds and Platonia. Plots and anaerobic organisms. About the movement of thinking and philosophy in anthropology, art, design, economy, linguistics, mathematics, and politics. And back into abstraction.

Hope to see you there




Philosophy Forum 16/06/2016 -Nick Land: The Dark Enlightenment

Dear All

Speculative season has come to an end and now the forum turns its attention to a highly controversial document. Land’s ‘Dark Enlightenment‘ has been variously labelled as a highly astute critique of democracy and a manifesto for a dangerous neo-fascism.

Which of these is true (if indeed either of them are)? The answer will begin to be disclosed in Group Room 3, 14:15-15:45. I would suggest we read pages 1-19 first of all.

With best wishes