Critical Pedagogy -Addendum

A forum member sent me a short piece which they felt might help demonstrate some of the ideas talked about in the last session. The paper is available here.

Please note: this is not the reading for next week.



Philosophy Forum 11/03/2015- Peter McClaren and Nathanalia Jaramillo: Not Neo-Marxist, Not Post-Marxist, Not Marxian, Not Autonomist Marxism: Reflections on a Revolutionary (Marxist) Critical Pedagogy

Dear All

Next week the paper for discussion will be the somewhat long entitled ‘Not Neo-Marxist, Not Post-Marxist, Not Marxian, Not Autonomist-Marxism: Reflections on a┬áRevolutionary (Marxist) Critical Pedagogy’.

The meeting will be in UL102 at the usual time (14:15-15:45) and the reading is available here.

Best wishes