Philosophy Forum 14/12/2017 -Review of Graham Harman’s Ontology

Dear All

to facilitate an understanding of the Wolfendale paper I thought a quick dose of Harman’s ‘Quadruple Object’ was in order. To this extent I suggest we read this section of it for next week.

This meeting should hopefully be in UL102 14:15-15:45.

Best wishes



Philosophy Forum 25/02/2016 -Graham Harman: Various Readings

Dear All

This week will see the first focussed discussion in the forum’s speculative season. The meeting will attempt to deal with Graham Harman’s position and to this end I am recommending reading this interview and pages 31-42 (the pdf pages not the pages that appear in the pdf) of this transcript of the original Goldsmith’s meeting.

If people want to read more, Harman has a lot of material free online that can be downloaded from his blog.

The meeting will be UL102 14:15-15:45.

With best wishes