Philosophy Forum 26/09/2019 -Deleuze: Bacon

Dear All

this week we will cover chapters 13-15 of the Bacon book. Meeting is in UL102, 14:15-15:45. The reading is available here.

Best  wishes


Philosophy Forum 14/06/2018: Deleuze and the Fold

Dear All

I could understand someone who thought: ‘Oh my god are we really going all the way this Deleuze book? I have totally had enough’. The truth is, we probably are. Personally I see it more as ‘isn’t it exciting to actually go through a whole  text occasionally!’ though I do appreciate the former sentiment.

Appreciation or not, we really are doing chapter 8 (the Two Floors). UL102 14:15-15:45. Reading is here.

Best of all possible worlds