Extra fun Laruelle reading

Dear All

if you are feeling intrigued generally by this whole business then I can recommend these short articles. They are, by contrast to ‘the transcendental computer’, extremely easy to read.







2 thoughts on “Extra fun Laruelle reading

  1. Congratulations on discussing such a difficult and confusing subject, where informed critical discussion is still so rare. I have read quite a lot of Laruelle, working through several phases of reaction to his thought. I went from initial enthusiasm (in 1981, when I first read him) quickly to disappointment, and then indifference, buying and reading the books as they were published (I live in France) through the 80s and 90s, but unimpressed and unconvinced. Then in the early 2000s I became enthusiastic again, with the publication of FUTURE CHRIST, NON-STANDARD PHILOSOPHY, ANTI-BADIOU, and CHRISTO-FICTION, only to become disappointed again by the dogmatism, the repetition, the obscurantist vocabulary, the falsification of the positions of rival thinkers and the lack of critical discussion. I have written a lot on Laruelle on my blog, and collected some of it in a few articles for academia.edu, https://independent.academia.edu/TerenceBlake/LARUELLE-AND-NON-PHILOSOPHY

    1. Thanks for this Terence. We’ve been at him in the forum for a few weeks now. It’s hard to do really in depth in this weekly paper format but I think it’s been quite productive. The only times I think I’m understanding this come strangely more as feeling than as a cognitive moment. I have a desperate desire to know if he is actually doing something bizarrely innovative or if it is one more thinker. When reading that conversation with Derrida I felt D’s irritation almost palpable in L’s characterisation of his words as just symptomatic as ‘the resistance of philosophy’. Sometimes I feel that the later Wittgenstein is ironically (as the language is so difficult) very close to this insofar as the axiomatic and deep grammar seem to share a certain territory. I think I have noted somewhere L is not as hostile to W as some french thinkers have been so wonder if there is something in this. I will try to work my way through some of your papers. If you have anything to aid comprehension of that transcendental computer paper, I would be very happy to read it.
      thanks again

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