Philosophy Forum 8/6/2017: Reclaiming the Truth

Dear All

the forum returns this week with a short paper from the Psychologist entitled ‘Reclaiming the Truth‘.

I believe we are in UL102 as normal, 14:15-15:45




One thought on “Philosophy Forum 8/6/2017: Reclaiming the Truth

  1. Finally, one that I can understand!
    It’s interesting to see how conspiracy theories and fake news intermingle and fact is taking second place, as though actual reality is being substituted, something which has been happening for millennia. How do we know anything is true when governments lie to us, and continually scapegoat some vulnerable party unable to defend itself, and the press misrepresents the news to fuel their own political ends?
    I would say, as a point of conjecture, that humans purposely indulge in fantasy and desire nebulous thinking rather than facts. Left or right or centrist, it makes no difference. There’s entire industries, ideological entities, that are all-powerful in this digital age, behind it.

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