Land contra Badiou

Dear all

please note this is not next week’s reading but rather my gathering opinion on these two pieces.

The first of which is this by Badiou which concerns the Paris attacks and the second is this response to it by Nick Land.

In truth I’m more interested in what people make of Nick’s commentary than the original Badiou piece but anything anyone has to say is welcome.

Forum post tomorrow.





One thought on “Land contra Badiou

  1. Dear Graham

    It’s difficult to comment on Nick’s response without first reading Badiou’s piece. Having now read both, I find myself largely in agreement with Nick’s criticisms of Badiou. As is usual with Badiou, we are treated to loads of rhetorical flourishes with little substantive or convincing analysis. Nick does quite an effective hatchet job on him, which I enjoyed reading. I would add only that Badiou’s ‘we’ is even more specific than ‘we French’ – it is actually ‘we middle-class French’ (see p17: ‘we’re all more or less a part of it, aren’t we?’).

    Best wishes


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