Philosophy Forum/School of Media Event: Hyperstition (Film)


Dear All

On 09/11/2016 ¬†15:00 the forum and the school of media will be showing Christopher Roth’s (in collaboration with Armen Avanessian) theory film ‘Hyperstition’.

Hyperstition, you may recall is a Landian term for fictional entities that end up exerting ‘actual’ forces (though there is a little more to it). The film has the following blurb:

HYPERSTITION: A film on time and narrative. Of thoughts and images. On plants and the outside. Abduction and Recursion. Yoctoseconds and Platonia. Plots and anaerobic organisms. About the movement of thinking and philosophy in anthropology, art, design, economy, linguistics, mathematics, and politics. And back into abstraction.

Hope to see you there




Philosophy Forum 13/10/2016 -Gilles Deleuze: Difference and Repetition.

Dear All

The thread of Roderick’s ‘Iterative Materialism’ has made it necessary to revisit Deleuze. This revisitation comes in the form of reading the introduction to ‘Difference and Repetition’¬†with the option of also reading the accompanying chapter in this text.

The meeting will be in UL102 14:15-15:45.