Twin Peaks 18/09/2015

Dear All

a small (roomwise) showing of Twin Peaks will begin tomorrow in the library in UL102 13:00-15:00 (the first long episode). This will be in the philosophy forum room UL102. If anyone is likely to manifest they could let me know and I’ll get an extra doughnut or two 😉

Damn fine wishes


Philosophy Forum 23/09/2015: We need to talk about Alain…

Dear All

that pesky Badiou just won’t stay down, cropping up again as he did in last weeks paper.  Let’s face it, whether he is a pompous ‘I’m as important as Hegel’ or not, his imprint on current philosophical discourse is sufficiently large that we’ll all feel better for a closer look.

With that in mind I think we should have a look at this paper by Jason Barker. I would also encourage people to have a hunt around generally for Badiou related things to see if we can piece together a bit more what he’s wittering on about rather than just saying ‘mathematics is ontology’ over and over.

With best wishes




Returning to The Question of The Human

Please find attached a relatively new essay on the relation between thought and its impossible ‘horizon’ (death) and how this gives thought a psychological flavour (an affinity to the Freudian ‘death-drive’). What I hope we can discuss are the non-empirical registers that this ‘solar catastrophe’ acts itself out through i.e we can account for the gradual death of thought through various disciplines but can we experience this catastrophe? Thus linking ideas to ‘speculative’ and ‘realist’ thought in vogue today, and the continual questioning of the ‘post-human’…

See you next Wednesday!