Nietzsche’s Brave New World of Force

Dear all,

We will continue to look at Nietzsche. The following essay discloses ‘secret’ texts by Nietzsche as well as introducing one of Nietzsche’s finest contemporary interpreters – Keith Ansell Pearson.

See you same time same place on 1/07/15

You can find the text (or download of the text) here –

Click to access ansell_pearson_1_pli_9.pdf


No Forum on 24/06/2015

Dear All

there will be no forum next week. As a matter of interest to those in the last meeting I can highly recommend reading the next chapter in the Deleuze/Nietzsche book as it -sort of- answers some of the issues raised.

There should be another post next week disclosing the reading for 01/07/2015.

With best wishes