Philosophy Forum 07/01/2015

Dear All

a newly resurrected year brings with it a new forum meeting. For this inceptual meeting the forum will consider a religious matter: The Great Resurrection Debate -William Lane Craig vs John Shelby Spong . The link is to a youtube piece which hopefully will bring a stimulating debate to the new year. A short writing by John Spong on his belief is also available here.

The meeting will be in UL102 14:15-15:45 (as usual).

Best wishes



One thought on “Philosophy Forum 07/01/2015

  1. Hi Graham

    I watched the debate ‘religiously’. Both speakers were eloquent and articulate, and I learned a few things from them. But in the end I found myself rather out of sympathy with both of them. Unlike Craig I don’t believe in miracles, so I feel there must be some rational explanation for the experience of Jesus’ disciples following his death. On the other hand, I found it difficult to understand Spong’s position because he didn’t seem interested in finding such a rational explanation. He actually seemed less reasonable than Craig, and some of his arguments bordered on the ludicrous, e.g. that the gospels are all liturgy rather than biography (although John’s gospel, the latest one, could perhaps be read that way). I’m not Muslim but I prefer the Muslim interpretation of Jesus as a great prophet rather than as this magical figure, which is how he seems to be interpreted by both protagonists in this debate. Sorry, I cannot attend the forum meeting as I have to attend an away day then. Pete


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