Philosophy Forum 07/01/2015

Dear All

a newly resurrected year brings with it a new forum meeting. For this inceptual meeting the forum will consider a religious matter: The Great Resurrection Debate -William Lane Craig vs John Shelby Spong . The link is to a youtube piece which hopefully will bring a stimulating debate to the new year. A short writing by John Spong on his belief is also available here.

The meeting will be in UL102 14:15-15:45 (as usual).

Best wishes



Philosophy Forum 17/12/2014 -Martin Heidegger: The Thing

Dear All

following the discussion upon music -which mutated into a discussion about art- I thought about various options. However as its Christmas I thought how can we do better than the father Christmas of (at least Continental) twentieth century philosophy: Martin Heidegger. The Origin of the Work of Art is too long but The Thing is just right; packed with many familiar Heideggerian gifts of Being that we love so well (some of us).

So come along for a festive forum (Room UL102 14:15-15:45) and see what kind of Thing Dasein will appropriate for Christmas.

Ho Ho Ho.