Philosophy Forum 06/08/2014 -Alain Badiou: Deleuze, the Clamour of Being.

Dear All

so sorry about the Kant book, looks like the file was corrupt and I could find no replacement file. I proffer here in its stead, not a book by Deleuze but a book about him by his old arch-enemy Alain Badiou (‘Bad you’ I like to say). I suggest the first two chapters and any of the introductory bits people can be bothered to read. The meeting will still manifest as the same spatio-temporal event as indicated in the previous post and the reading is available here

best wishes



One thought on “Philosophy Forum 06/08/2014 -Alain Badiou: Deleuze, the Clamour of Being.

  1. sorry, I can’t make the meeting. These guys (Bad you and D Lerz – as in ‘officer of de ler’) are ‘really’ owls of Minerva. One flies to the One and the other flies to the Many (sorry, multiplicity!). Night has now fallen, and who cares where they have flown? They clearly lost touch with reality a long time ago (at a guess, somewhere around 1968). They claim/ed to be on the side of the masses but they are/were self-consciously elitist, and their works will never be understood by ordinary people. The abstract is not made concrete simply by declaring it to be concrete, and principles are not real or material just because someone believes them to be real or material. The ghosts of Pythagoras and Plato live on, while philosophy seems to make no progress at all.


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