Apologies but neither Graham or I will be present on Wed 20th. I was rather excited about reading and reviewing George Bataille’s essay ‘The Cruel Practice of Art’  available here –

Perhaps we can do it another time. For those who have the time to read and attend the conference I suggest you do so (if enough of you can arrange to attend) or alternatively start a thread of comments here which I will be more than happy to contribute towards.
Charlie Johns

Philosophy Forum 06/08/2014 -Alain Badiou: Deleuze, the Clamour of Being.

Dear All

so sorry about the Kant book, looks like the file was corrupt and I could find no replacement file. I proffer here in its stead, not a book by Deleuze but a book about him by his old arch-enemy Alain Badiou (‘Bad you’ I like to say). I suggest the first two chapters and any of the introductory bits people can be bothered to read. The meeting will still manifest as the same spatio-temporal event as indicated in the previous post and the reading is available here

best wishes